Happy Hope Harper

Happy Hope

Sleepy Hope

Although, I committed no crime, I served a 10 year sentence, inside of a commercial breeding facility, a Puppy Mill. The Summers were dark and extremely hot and humid. The Winters were even darker cold and damp. On some days I could see the sun shine through a crack in the barn wall. I never felt the warmth of the sun on my face, nor did I ever feel the green green grass upon my paws.

I was literally a number, Slave Number 220. I was never given a name. I was just a Prisoner of Profit.

Food when given was the cheapest and of the lowest quality. The water was polluted. I was never allowed outside. I never played. I never even saw a ball or a toy. I never went for a walk or run. I never had a bath or a grooming. I never saw a Veterinarian. And I never had a kind touch.

I was continuously confined to this small smelly filthy prison cell 24 hours a day, seven days a week for ten long years. Barely having room to move, I often got my legs and paws stuck in the wire flooring and my right hip is out of alignment now.

There were over a hundred dogs in this puppy mill living with me in these horrific unsanitary unhealthy inhumane conditions. Cages were stacked on top of one another. Dogs that were sick were mostly ignored or killed. We were all frightened and stressed on a daily basis. Some of my friends and family stayed in a corner of their cage and hardly moved. Others circled continuously for hours in their cramped prison cells. Some lost their minds and I never saw them again.

My vocal chords were painfully cut with some sharp tool by the Puppy Mill operator. This was very painful because they did not use a numbing agent. Voiceless, I could not speak/bark and no human spoke to me. We were all debarked and silent screams filled the air.

I was there for one reason only and that was to produce my puppies. I was a cash crop and nothing more. My puppies were yanked from me at six/seven weeks of age to sell at a Pet Store in another state. I had on the average five puppies a year. Five puppies x ten years x $2,000 a puppy sold at Pet Store = $100,000. These profits went to the Puppy Mill operator, the broker that transports the puppies from the Puppy Mill to the Pet Store, and the Pet Store. Profits before the health of the Puppy.

We were so terrified of the loud banging sounds that we heard often. Much of the time it meant that the mother breeder dog could no longer produce puppies and would be killed. My time was running out.

This was my prison for 10 long years, until I was RESCUED!

I have a name now, Happy Hope Harper. I have a warm caring home, nutritious food, fresh water. I am outside everyday running, playing and going outside to the bathroom. My favorite thing of all is to run fast freely through the “green green grass of home”. Every human I have met since I have been free has been kind to me and would never hurt me. There really are a lot of good caring humans.

P. S. It is still “raining in my heart” for all my family and fur friends being abused in Puppy Mills everyday. It is up to humans to stop them. I don’t hate the mean cruel greedy humans that hurt me and my family and friends over those long years, because I am a dog that brings unconditional love.

Green Green Grass
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